A Queijaria do Pico

Our journey began in 2001, when we purchased the former Sociedade de Produção de Lacticínios, Lda., the oldest artisanal cheese factory in the Azores.

We are dedicated to the dairy industry, namely the production of cheese, butter, powdered and condensed milk, among other dairy products. Our recipes, traditionally passed down through generations of picoense artisans, guarantee the preservation of the typical Azorean cheese texture and flavor.

With the technological evolution of the industry, it was essential to modernize and expand our cheese factory. Even so, and because we value the production of a quality cheese with differentiating characteristics, we do not bet on the massification of cheeses, preserving the artisanal manufacture that characterizes us.
The Queijaria owns two factories – the one in Arrife, and the one in São João.

The factory

Our factory in São João, the oldest in Pico and the Azores, is the only one in the parish dedicated to artisanal manufacture, and it is possible to learn the art of producing our cheeses, an art created and perfected by the women of Pico from generation to generation.

The cheese produced here is unique and unmistakable, since the microclimate of our parish influences the entire manufacturing process of this treasure of our people.

See for yourself our facilities and discover the origin of pure Azorean flavor.


Palmo do Gato,
Companhia de Baixo
São João,
9930-101 Lajes do Pico

Contact us

+351 295 512 836

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday
06h00 to 13:00 (Arrife Factory)

07h00 to 14h00 (São João Factory)

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