1. Orders are delivered up to 20 working days after ordering, depending on the standard and shipping zone. Delivery is made by CTT Correios de Portugal.

2. Shipping costs may be added to the order.

3. The service will be available after payment confirmation.


The process of cancellation or return of a product is treated case by case by Queijaria do Pico, and the instructions of return of the amount you paid and/or return of the goods will be answered and defined by Queijaria do Pico by the same means of communication.

Please note that the costs associated with the return, namely shipping costs, are of the client’s total responsibility.

However, whenever possible, the return is done through the same means of payment. In this sense, Queijaria do Pico is committed to return the amount in question to the user within a maximum of 10 days.

If for any reason the delivered item is found to be defective or not in conformity with what was ordered, the customer should contact us through our e-mail. Subsequently, the product can be returned, provided that our policy of exchange and returns of articles is respected.


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